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White House Meeting

on 5/14/2010

On Friday April 30th, Council of NAIMA President and CEO Kate Offringa and Director of Government Affairs and Communications Kevin Koonce joined Dutko staff to sit down with officials from several agencies at the White House. In addition to meeting with White House officials, representatives from the President’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), US Department of Energy (DOE), and the National Economic Council (NEC) were also in the room.

These four agencies have been tasked by the Administration to help enact the Home Star program into law. Dutko arranged the meeting to discuss the Council’s support for the Home Star program and to advocate for Council-supported changes to existing legislative language.

We found the staff to be extremely supportive of our efforts to ensure that aggregators are available to all qualified contractors immediately upon passage of the legislation. The Council will continue to work with Administration officials to both keep them apprised of our positions as well as to assist them in moving the legislation forward.

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