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CNAIMA Applauds Senator Lugar’s Leadership on Energy Efficiency

on 2/16/2011

The head of America’s leading association of insulation manufacturers today applauded the energy efficiency policy prescriptions laid out by Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) in remarks before the Alliance to Save Energy.

Senator Lugar’s speech today reaffirms his view that energy efficiency is not just a bipartisan issue – it’s a non-partisan issue,” said Kate Offringa, the CEO of the Council of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (CNAIMA). “As the Senator correctly stated, the energy that America doesn’t use is the cheapest and cleanest energy of all.”

Lugar, the Senate’s most senior Republican, has long been a staunch supporter of enhanced energy efficiency; his remarks today made special note of efficiency as a key policy priority. In discussing energy efficiency as an integral part of reducing dependence on foreign oil, Lugar said, “the United States can and should be the most energy efficient economy in the world.”

“The Council was excited to see the efficiency provisions in the Practical Energy Plan Senator Lugar offered last year along with Senators Murkowski (R-AK) and Graham (R-SC),” Offringa said. “We hope to see those same initiatives reintroduced when the Senate addresses energy legislation later this year.”

Senator Lugar has stated that the Practical Energy Plan, if enacted, would reduce U.S. energy consumption by 11 percent and save consumers an average of 15 percent on their utility bills. The proposal’s efficiency provisions are based on targeted 50 percent efficiency improvements in residential buildings by 2015 and commercial buildings by 2017.

“The Council of NAIMA will be working very closely with our congressional and business allies in the coming months to ensure that energy efficiency measures – like those proposed by Senator Lugar – are quickly addressed by Congress,” remarked Offringa. “We need to move forward on common-sense proposals to reduce America’s energy demands, enhance our energy security, and generate jobs for those industries still struggling to recover from the recession. The Council looks forward to the continued leadership of Senator Lugar on these issues in the Senate.”

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